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Age: 45 year old Man

Height: 6' 1"

Hair Color: Black

Hair Length: Ask me later

Eye Color: Blue

Body Type: Athletic

Ethnicity: White / Caucasian

Dressing Habits: Jeans & T-Shirt

Location: Temecula, CA  ( miles)

Residence Type: House

Setting: Rural

Relocation: Yes
Education / Occupation

Education: Some College

Occupation: Construction / Extraction

Income: Ask me later

Work Ethic: Full-Time

Career Ambition: Satisfied

Religion: Christian / Other

Religious Frequency: Once a Week
Relationship / Family

Relationship Status: Divorced

Relationship Desired: Partner

Family Involvement: On Holidays

Have Children: Yes, But Not Living With

Want (More) Children: No

Political Values: Ask me later
Social Habits

Going Out: Once a Week

Drinking: Occasionally / Socially

Smoking: Don't Smoke

Smokeless Tobacco: More Than a Can a Week
Last Activity: Online Now!
Membership Type: Basic
Favorite Music

Current Country, Bluegrass, Spiritual Country, Techno / Dance, World / Reggae, Classic Country , Western Swing, Blues , Jazz , Oldies , Rock/Pop , Vocal
Hobbies & Interests

Arts or Fine Arts, Antiques, Auctions, Aviation, Boating, Books / Reading, Dining, Performing Arts, Home Improvement, Movies, Music, Nutrition, Pets, Photography, Religion, Sewing or Needlework, Sports: AutoRacing, Sports: Baseball, Sports: Basketball, Sports: Football, Sports: Rodeo, Travel, Video / Computer Gaming, Weight Lifting, Wine, Agriculture, Automobiles, Cooking, Dancing, Fishing, Fitness, Horseback Riding, Hiking, Gardening, Hunting, Motorcycles
Personal Description
Hello Ladies! Aw-ite! Here we go! I'm Brian, a southern Cowboy who wuz born & raise in Oklahoma on a farm. I jus moved ta Forest Grove! Cuz, My 18 year old daughter & 20 year old son lives here. Welp, I reckon I'd like ta settle down before I reach the 50 marker or so! LOL! Un' lookin ta make sum new friends, jus the same! Aw-ite, I've been real disappointed with sum of these responses that I've been gettin from what I call "Fancy Women". Cryin bout awntin a real man, strong man, man that knows what he awnts, not a lier. Etc, etc. Geez, I reckon theirs some real male losers out there huh. Ok, ladies with me, what you see is what you get. No, I don't have perfect teeth. Blame that on Copenhagen. lol! I'm a REAL cowboy, who's fell off a few horses & been in a few bar fights. All in my past ofcourse. If yur afraid ta get yur nails dirty, ya wear to much make-up or have way to much money, then please don't waste my time or yurs in contactin me. Un' yes I know how ta spell. My mom is a school teacher. I jus chose ta spell my words the way I awnta. My mom laughs at me. I'm only interested in a woman who (even if she lives in the city) in her heart, is country! Well... Um... I grew up with a daddy who worked us kids "tails off" & momma made sure we made it ta church at the least once a week. Though, I'm far from perfect, I beleive in good morals & live by them. As my O'l man would say "Son ya gotta walk the walk if yur gonna talk it. I beleive that I have a good personality & aw-ite sence of humor. Heck, I know that I come from "Good Family" so I figure that speaks for itself. People seem ta take a liken ta me where ever I go. I reckon it's the "Southern Hospitality!" lol~ I've traveled 48 states. Been everywhere except for Hawaii & Alaska. Chased the rodeo, since I wuz a young. Yup, I've got my scars, LOL! Love ta fish & hunt. Love ta cook. Both of my parents would be in the kitchen tagether, if ya know what I mean. Bar-B-Que is my specialty! Certified GrillMaster right here! Campin with a good fire at night, long walks thru the woods or even a park, cuddlin on the couch with a good movie & a pizza or some takeout is what I miss having someone ta do it with. Playin with kids, its the best! I think that kids are GODs way of sayin the world will go on, atleast for now, that is. Spiderman is my favorite superhero! Well, next ta the Lone Ranger that is! LOL! Batman is pretty cool too. Like N.F.L. Football, N.B.A. Basketball, playin jus as much as watchin though I aint Pro! (lol!) Nascar is aw-ite, especially when they crash! Rodeo most of all, ofcourse! I love horses & bulls. Though, I sure don't own any. Would like ta own my own ranch someday. Well, for the moment I've been going out singin Karioke or Dancing somewhere & have a few drinks or going ta a sportsbar, somewhere. Un' sumtimes a few to many! Ooops! lol! Have won several contest, doin both. Actually won two talent shows, break dancin, back in high school. LOL! "If it's got hair on it, I can ride it! If it's got a beat, I can dance ta it!" Though, I do it for the fun! Grew up singin in a 4 man quartet with my brother & 2 friends in our church. Un' my family sang bluegrass. I married way too young. I know that now. Most of the time I listened ta my dad, but obviously thats one time that I didn't & wished now that I had. I've been divorced for almost 10 years now. I always said that I'd give marriage only one shot, but who knows... I'm learning that we never know what cards life may "deal" us. I'm jus happy livin my life ta the fullest. I reckon I'd like someone ta grow old with, before I leave this o'l world.(wink)Any questions? I'll do my best ta give ya nothing but an honest answer. Hope you ladies have a great day! ...from a cowboy ...Brian P.S. GO SOONERS!
cowboythename's Ideal Match


Age: 28 to 48 year old Woman

Height: Any

Hair Color: Any

Hair Length: Any

Eye Color: Any

Body Type: Any

Ethnicity: Any

Dressing Habits: Any

Distance: Within any number of miles.

Setting: Any

Residence Type: Any

Relocation: Any
Education / Occupation

Education: Any

Occupation: Any

Income: Any

Work Ethic: Any

Career Ambition: Any

Religion: Any

Religious Frequency: Any
Relationship / Family

Relationship Status: Any

Relationship Desired: Any

Family Involvment: Any

Have Children: Any

Want (More) Children: Any

Political Values: Any
Social Habits

Going Out: Any

Drinking: Any

Smoking: Any

Smokeless Tobacco: Any
cowboythename's Ideal Match
A Good Woman! One that likes ta have fun. She is in decent physical shape or atleast is working towards jus that. She beleives in GOD!
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