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After registering and creating a profile, the next step for getting involved with the CowboyCowgirl.com community is finding and meeting other members. The tools and features built into CowboyCowgirl.com not only make it easy to find these people, but also make it easy for these people to find you!
Searching For Other Members
Once you are a member of CowboyCowgirl.com you will have two ways to search for other members, the Basic Search and the Advanced Search. The Basic Search is similar to the searching tool that is available to everyone on the CowboyCowgirl.com home page. The Advanced Search allows searching on all of the Basic Search options plus any other attributes that members entered in their profiles. Want to find someone with brown hair, who wants kids and lives in your area? No problem. The Advanced Search has you covered.
Ideal Matching
If you don't have the time to search through other members' profiles then CowboyCowgirl.com will do it for you. All you have to do is fill out your Ideal Match Profile and we will handle the rest. Each day, or any time that you make a change to your profile, CowboyCowgirl.com's advanced matching engine will provide you with a list of other members whose profile meets your Ideal Match criteria. Also, before someone is placed in your Ideal Match list, your own profile is checked to make sure you fit the other member's Ideal Match profile. (Whoever is on your Ideal Match list has you on their Ideal Match list as well.) Your Ideal Match list is placed in order starting with the highest ranked match first.
Matching at a Glance
Our Ideal Matching System also lets you see how you match up with other members when you view their profiles. When you are logged in and viewing another member's profile, you will see a colored dot next to the left of each personal attribute. The colored dot will tell you how well that member's personal attribute matches your ideal. Green means that there is a match; yellow tells you that he or she doesn't meet your ideal but that you haven't marked your ideal as being a 'Must Have' requirement; red shows that you have set your ideal as a 'Must Have' requirement and his or her personal attribute does not match it.
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